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What kind of contact lenses wear feeling is good?

TIME:2022-08-30 16:12:37

The common problem of contact lens wearers is dry and sensitive eyes, which are caused by the cut off of oxygen supply to the eyes, resulting in fatigue and dryness of the eyes. When asked, the vast majority of wearers choose traditional HEMA lenses.

What kind of contact lenses wear feeling is good?

So we can not help but ask: What kind of contact lens wearing feeling is good?


The answer is: Eyes can breathe freely.


"Breathe"? Fish will die in anoxic environment, trees will also die in sealed environment, if refined to the human body, pore blockage will grow acne, and if hydrogel lenses are worn for a long time, according to corneal hypoxia, it will cause or accompany significant corneal swelling, corneal dehydration (dry eye disease), upper corneal epithelial arch lesion (SEAL), corneal edema. Decreased vision, decreased sensation of nerve endings, vascular proliferation of corneal limbus, decreased function of corneal epithelium and endothelium, red, dry and itchy eyes, corneal hypoxia is very common. If you wear lenses with low oxygen permeability and hard texture for a long time, the eye resistance will decrease, and the harm to the eyes may be irreversible.


The oxygen permeability of traditional materials (hydrogel, HEMA) contact lenses is only about 10, while the Dk/t value of silicone hydrogel (SiHy) materials is 100-160, and the oxygen permeability can be improved by more than 10 times compared with hydrogel materials. Therefore, silicone hydrogel contact lenses, which allow the eyes to breathe freely, are the best choice.


pharnorcia osigen = oxygen, a new silicone hydrogel contact lens, refuses to be bound by plastic, allows the eyes to breathe freely, and makes the lens float above the eyes like a "cloud". The unique high ratio of oxygen permeability and water content can maintain the stability of tears and the continuous circulation of oxygen, so that the lens is suspended above the cornea. 

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