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Raw materials for Silicone Hydrogel Contact lenses and
Monomers for foldable intraocular lenses (IOL)

pharnorcia-Solve the pain point,Leading specialized supplier of most advanced ophthalmic materials

TIME:2022-09-01 15:09:40

pharnorcia company will soon enter the commercial sales stage, I hundreds of millions of people in the contact lens users, bring revolutionary contribution, meet the consumption upgrade, more healthy, more safe, more comfortable user demand, let domestic users wear more healthy and safer and higher price than silicon hydrogel contact lenses, pharnorcia, solve the demand straight hit pain points.


 With its past team of pharnorcia experts and international industry giants, The Lead Scientist Career Experience, To lead its industry with hundreds of billions of dollars in R & D investment, And the decades of intensive research, With tens of thousands of experimental data, This career experience and scarce talent are themselves barriers, The pharnorcia team of experts knows all kinds of silicon hydrogel lens formulas well, Therefore, pharnorcia's silicon hydrogel contact lens formula development process, Completely avoiding conflicts with the existing silicon hydrogel patents in the world, Successfully developed a new silicon hydrogel formula with all independent intellectual property rights, pharnorcia, Solve the demand direct hit the pain point.

pharnorcia of silicon hydrogel industry the barriers to entry is quite high, the field of the new material science + optical materials unique high purity properties + precision optical + highest level of medical equipment biosafety requirements pharnorcia is industry tip team, operation process also continue to introduce more international professionals, orderly talent training and shaping plan, bring global vision and resources, improve enterprise quality, boost products to international brand quality, to become a world famous international brand, pharnorcia, solve demand hit pain points.

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