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Raw materials for Silicone Hydrogel Contact lenses and
Monomers for foldable intraocular lenses (IOL)

DEGMA_CAS#45103-58-0,DMA_CAS#2680-03-7,GMAK-CAS#7098-80-8,It's time to pursue dreams-pharnorcia, the leader of industrial change

TIME:2022-09-06 15:29:49

New materials + three types of innovative medical devices, the leader of industrial change, contact lenses are listed as the third type of medical devices with the highest risk, which indicates that China has gradually attached importance to the safety and standardization of the contact lens market, pharnorcia, leading the industry to change.

It's time to pursue dreams-pharnorcia, the leader of industrial change

Wearing traditional HEMA hydrogel material glasses is easy to be red, dry and itchy, corneal hypoxia symptoms are very common, and the oxygen permeability of the new generation of silicone hydrogel material can be increased by more than 6 times, which is the first choice for healthy contact lenses at present, but the entry threshold of silicone hydrogel industry is very high, which has been controlled by international oligarchs for a long time, and the core technology has been controlled by others for a long time. Lead the great change of industry.

Pharnorcia has core materials, formula, process, multiple barriers, and the manufacturing technology of color film and white film, which constitute a sustainable competitive advantage. Material change brings industrial change. From hydrogel to silicone hydrogel, it is not a simple upgrade, but a thorough and comprehensive replacement without hesitation. Pharnorcia leads the industry to change greatly.

With the upgrading of domestic consumption, the improvement of consumer awareness, the rise of healthier and safer demand, and the hot weather for people to care for their eyes, the market share of new silicone hydrogel contact lenses will grow strongly in the future, and pharnorcia will lead the industry to change greatly.

With the further promotion of new silicone hydrogel contact lenses, as long as normal myopic patients wear silicone hydrogel contact lenses with high oxygen permeability, they will no longer return to wear old material HEMA contact lenses. Because the difference in wearing comfort between the two is very obvious, the longer they wear, the more obvious it is. Pharnorcia leads the industry to change greatly.


Silicone hydrogel lenses in pursuit of higher comfort are the mainstream trend of industry development. The supporting logic behind higher comfort is safer and healthier, all of which are due to technological breakthroughs and technological innovation. Decades of unremitting research and persistence, pharnorcia, lead the industry to change.

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