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Raw materials for Silicone Hydrogel Contact lenses and
Monomers for foldable intraocular lenses (IOL)

VMA-CAS#3195-78-6,UV416-CAS#16432-81-8,UV725-CAS#2035-72-5,Pharnorcia-the eyeball of silicone hydrogel.

TIME:2022-09-08 14:23:56

 Leading the upgrading of the domestic industrial chain, cooperating with the world's major brands, benefiting consumers, breaking monopoly and replacing imports, pharnorcia faces international oligopoly, solves technical problems, highlights scientific research strength, materials + formula + technology, multiple barriers, constitutes a sustainable competitive advantage, becomes the only domestic alternative import manufacturer, breaks the domestic blank, and becomes the only domestic alternative import manufacturer. So far, it has become the only enterprise in China that has obtained the registration certificate of silicone hydrogel contact lenses, pharnorcia, which is the highlight of the silicone hydrogel industry.

Pharnorcia-the eyeball of silicone hydrogel

    New Material + High-end Medical Device Registration Certificate Contact Lens Enterprise is the only silicone hydrogel contact lens manufacturer that replaces imports.

    Silicone hydrogel contact lens formulation technology is the core value of the enterprise, but also the inevitable trend of industry change and coverage, technology prospects are very broad, even in the research and development and clinical stage of the enterprise can also be sought after by the market, in the field of contact lenses, referring to the Taiwan market, you will find that Taiwan's contact lens manufacturers have long been in the stock market. The pharnorcia plans to increase the production capacity after the formal production, and plans to seize 20% of the domestic market share of silicone hydrogel, so that the profit will continue to increase. The pharnorcia is the highlight of the silicone hydrogel industry.

    Pharnorcia's unique silicone hydrogel formula, independent research and development process, mold self-sufficiency, lens cost availability, has a huge cost advantage, contact lens industry has a high degree of prosperity, strong consumption attributes, benefiting from the high growth of the industry and its own continuous improvement in production, research, marketing and other aspects, pharnorcia as a silicone hydrogel. The follow-up growth momentum is sufficient.

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