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Raw materials for Silicone Hydrogel Contact lenses and
Monomers for foldable intraocular lenses (IOL)

PEMA-CAS#:3683-12-3,pharnorcia,leading supplier of high quality intraocular lens material PEMA

TIME:2022-10-31 15:05:44

    Pharnorcia has 17 years of experience in research, development, production and export of ophthalmic materials, and many internationally renowned ophthalmic companies are long-term customers of the company.

pharnorcia, leading supplier of high quality intraocular lens material PEMA

    High-quality intraocular lens material PEMA (CAS#:3683-12-3) The product quality has been promoted by dozens of international first-class enterprise experts, and dozens of on-site verifications and audits by international large companies, and a scientific and complete quality control system has been formed. , has established international industry standard product quality standards, dozens of internationally renowned ophthalmic companies in developed countries in Europe and the United States have identified Huanuo Sen as their long-term designated global suppliers.

    More than 20 kinds of ophthalmic biological materials developed by the company have been exported to more than 40 countries in developed regions in more than 700 batches of products. The quality is consistent and the quality control is excellent, providing users with a reliable and reliable guarantee.

    Among them, PEMA (CAS#:3683-12-3) has been purchased by 6 listed companies for a long time, and it is the original research of high-end intraocular lens. At the same time, the domestic supply of the upstream raw materials of the products is stable, and the process of the artificial crystal material PEMA (CAS#3683-12-3) products is managed by lean process, the yield is high, and the product cost is well controlled. Therefore, pharnorcia always provides users with competitive prices, stable quality and cost savings for customers.

    Pharnorcia has established the world's leading and only domestic R&D, production and sales platform for silicone hydrogel contact lens products and their special materials. With stable quality and reasonable price, it is the most popular supplier of special materials for intraocular lenses and silicone hydrogel contact lenses in the industry.

    Pharnorcia's new intraocular lens material PEMA (CAS#:3683-12-3) provides the most reliable material support for original high-end intraocular lens products. pharnorcia, a professional ophthalmic material supplier, has provided a wide range of high-purity optical-grade materials and biomaterials for silicone hydrogel contact lenses and intraocular lenses for more than ten years.

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