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Refuse to be restrained, breathe freely----pharnorcia silicone hydrogel contact lenses

TIME:2022-11-03 15:42:07

Just as the existence of life is inseparable from oxygen, our glasses also need oxygen to breathe. Scientific research shows that an adult needs to breathe 10,000 liters (about 13.6 kg) of air through the lungs every day, of which about 0.75 kg of oxygen is needed.

About 80% of the oxygen needed by our eyeballs is obtained through the exchange of the cornea. Here is a knowledge point: if the cornea cannot breathe normally, the cornea will accelerate aging: and the corneal endothelial cells of the human eye (once they die, they cannot be regenerated). The number of normal corneal endothelial cells in adults: 2900±400 cells/mm2.

Corneal endothelial cells play a role as a barrier to the cornea, maintain corneal osmotic pressure, and play a very important role in ensuring the normal metabolism of the cornea. Corneal endothelial cells will not regenerate, and only one will be destroyed. After destruction, the surrounding normal corneal endothelial cells will thin and extend to replace the damaged corneal endothelial cells. Eventually the cornea decompensates and becomes blind.

Therefore, corneal hypoxia can accelerate the death of corneal endothelial cells! At this time, if you wear ordinary low oxygen permeability hydrogel contact lenses every day, it will only aggravate corneal hypoxia and further aging.

To this end, the solution given by pharnorcia's top experts is to change the oxygen impermeability of the original hydrogel material through silicon hydrogel. Traditional hydrogel lenses only have one oxygen transmission channel, "water channel", while pharnorcia silicon hydrogel The plastic lens has two oxygen delivery channels, "water channel" and "silicon channel", which allows oxygen to pass through more smoothly, and the oxygen transmission rate can be increased by 5-6 times. In addition to high oxygen permeability, pharnorcia's third-generation silicone hydrogel does not rely on water as an oxygen-permeable medium, which breaks through the contradiction between hydrogel water content and oxygen permeability, and avoids dry eyes when wearing. At the same time, it can meet the requirements of consumers for aesthetics and convenience.

What pharnorcia's expert self-research team has done and insisted on for decades is to develop and produce a product with high oxygen permeability and excellent water ratio. Breathable pharnorcia soft hydrophilic silicone hydrogel contact lenses, which refuse to be tightly bound by plastic, allow the eyes to breathe freely, and make the lenses float above the eyes like a "cloud". Put on pharnorcia silicone hydrogel contact lenses and let your eyes feel like breathing lenses.

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Refuse to be restrained, breathe freely----pharnorcia silicone hydrogel contact lenses

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