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Raw materials for Silicone Hydrogel Contact lenses and
Monomers for foldable intraocular lenses (IOL)

Pharnorcia Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses - Easy Profits & Industry-Driven Convergence

TIME:2022-11-10 14:32:51

Pharnorcia is a high-tech, high-value-added, three-type medical device silicone hydrogel contact lens material science basis. Once these materials are adopted, it is difficult to be replaced. With the rise of silicone hydrogel contact lenses, the demand for materials continues to rise. , the industrial development space is far-reaching.


The new silicone hydrogel contact lens developed by pharnorcia not only fills the domestic gap, but also greatly promotes the upgrading of domestic contact lens manufacturers. It is not only a world-renowned brand of silicone hydrogel special materials, but also a complete set of silicone hydrogel contact lens materials at the door suppliers, which also makes pharnorcia easy and sustainable.

After dozens of evaluations and promotions by world-class enterprise experts, as well as multiple verifications and audits by major international companies, pharnorcia has formed a scientific and complete quality control system, and has established product quality standards in the international industry. of global suppliers.

The silicone hydrogel contact lenses developed by pharnorcia are in line with international brands and have obvious technical advantages. All technical indicators are in the first echelon of international brands.

Pharnorcia has this solid and real R&D capability, many years of material experience, and many years of formula and process experience. Pharnorcia has its own advantages in key core materials, key core formulas, sustainable design and development capabilities, and breakthrough technology. The bottleneck has been realized from the leap-forward change.

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