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Raw materials for Silicone Hydrogel Contact lenses and
Monomers for foldable intraocular lenses (IOL)

pharnorcia, a leading supplier of high-end original artificial lens material PEA

TIME:2022-11-21 15:56:20

    Pharnorcia has 16 years of experience in research, development, production and export of ophthalmic materials. Many internationally renowned ophthalmic companies are long-term customers of the company.

    High-quality artificial lens material PEA (CAS#3530-36-7) The product quality has been reviewed and promoted by dozens of experts from world-class enterprises, and dozens of on-site verifications and audits by large international companies, and a scientific and complete quality control system has been formed. , Has established international industry-standard product quality standards. pharnorcia, a leading supplier of high-end original artificial lens material PEA (CAS#3530-36-7).

    Soft hydrophilic foldable intraocular lens is the latest generation of advanced materials, with small surgical wounds, faster recovery and better biocompatibility. According to the hardness of the material, the intraocular lens can be divided into hard intraocular lens (non-foldable intraocular lens) and Soft intraocular lens (foldable intraocular lens), soft intraocular lens has obvious advantages over hard intraocular lens, with the characteristics of small surgical incision, short operation time, fast postoperative recovery, and small visual deviation.

    The soft hydrophilic foldable intraocular lens not only has good mechanical and optical properties, but also has good elasticity and hydrophilicity. Compared with the hydrophilic crystal surface, it has excellent tissue compatibility and has a very good flexible surface. The surface of the crystal will not be changed and damaged during the folding implantation, which can reduce the foreign body reaction.

    Pharnorcia intraocular lens materials provide the most reliable material support for the new generation of innovative products. The company has developed more than 20 ophthalmic biomaterials and has exported more than 700 batches of products to more than 40 countries in developed regions. The quality is consistent and the quality Excellent control, providing users with a reliable and reliable guarantee.

    Among them, PEA (CAS#3530-36-7) has been purchased by 6 listed companies for a long time, and it is the original high-end artificial lens. At the same time, the domestic supply of upstream raw materials is stable, and the process of artificial crystal material PEA (CAS#3530-36-7) products is leanly managed, with a high yield rate and good product cost control. Therefore, pharnorcia always provides users with competitive prices, stable quality, and saves customers' costs.

    Pharnorcia's new IOL material PEA (CAS#3530-36-7) provides the most reliable material support for the original high-end IOL products. pharnorcia, a leading supplier of high-end original artificial lens material PEA (CAS#3530-36-7).

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pharnorcia, a leading supplier of high-end original artificial lens material PEA

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