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Raw materials for Silicone Hydrogel Contact lenses and
Monomers for foldable intraocular lenses (IOL)

pharnorcia Silicone hydrogel Contact lenses -- Improving industry quality to boost economic growth

TIME:2022-11-25 11:20:25

pharnorcia has all the technology of silicone hydrogel science, has decades of commercial experience in exporting materials to developed countries in Europe and America, has many years of experience in silicone hydrogel formula research and lens preparation technology, has many years of process and mold exploration and research, all these achievements come from: pharnorcia's founding shareholder team comes from many American doctor teams, such as academicians and chief scientists from top silica-hydrogel lens manufacturers. pharnorcia has been working hard to export high-end medical device materials to major customers in Europe and the United States, making the team with world leading professional quality and rich industry experience. In order to open up the blank market of domestic silicone hydrogel contact lenses, later entrants are subject to such obstacles, it is difficult to enter this field in the short term, and a moat has been formed.


     pharnorcia owns all independent intellectual property rights of material science, process manufacturing and mold innovation.


     The pursuit of better comfort silicone hydrogel lens is the mainstream trend of the industry, more comfort behind the logic is safer and healthier, and all of these are from pharnorcia technology breakthrough and technological innovation, do not relax ten years of research and persistence.


     pharnorcia is the only high-tech enterprise that realizes import substitution in this field in China. It brings revolutionary contribution to contact lens users among 700 million myopic people in China. It can meet consumption upgrading, achieve healthier, safer and more comfortable users’needs, with high entry threshold, FMCG class III medical devices, long life cycle, and greatly help enterprises realize high economic value. High gross profit, lasting profit, contribution to local tax revenue, support employment, build well-known enterprises and famous brands and other good social benefits.


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pharnorcia Silicone hydrogel Contact lenses -- Improving industry quality to boost economic growth

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