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Raw materials for Silicone Hydrogel Contact lenses and
Monomers for foldable intraocular lenses (IOL)

CAS#:121888-69-5,CAS#:109561-07-1,Pharnorcia-Global Professional Ophthalmology Optics Material Platform

TIME:2021-02-26 12:49:06

Phanorcia has built an international advanced platform for research and development, production, sales, import and export of high-purity optometry series materials, technologies and end products. Based on the accumulation of material technology, optometry design technology and mold development technology, Pharnorcia has independently developed more than 20 new silicone hydrogel contact lens materials. Among them, RB246 (CAS#:121888-69-5) and RB247 (CAS#:109561-07-1) are special pigments for advanced silicone hydrogel contact lens transparencies.


RB246 (CAS#121888-69-5), RB247 (CAS#109561-07-1), these two pigments are added to the formula of silicone hydrogel contact lens transparent sheet, making the transparent lens appear very beautiful light fresh water green, light fresh water blue color. These colors allow the transparent lens to be easy for consumers to see and access, and these high-grade colors also make the lens very beautiful in color.


The reason why RB246 (CAS # 121888-69-5) and RB247 (CAS # 109561-07-1) are high-grade pigments is that only these two pigments can be closely covalently combined with silicone hydrogel contact lens to form a whole without fading or fading, making the lens a safe, healthy and beautiful high-grade silicone hydrogel contact lens lens.


For example, RB246 (CAS # 121888-69-5) is a high-grade pigment selected by Cooper Company of the United States, and RB247 (CAS # 109561-07-1) is a high-grade pigment selected by Johnson & Johnson Company of the United States. Cooper Company of the United States and Johnson & Johnson Company of the United States pay great attention to the materials of silicone hydrogel contact lenses, so as to ensure the stable and continuous high quality of their silicone hydrogel contact lenses.


Pharnorcia is the most popular supplier of special materials for silicone hydrogel contact lenses. With 15 years of experience in producing and exporting these two materials RB246 (CAS # 121888-69-5) and RB247 (CAS # 109561-07-1), the quality is stable and the price is reasonable. Welcome high-quality contact lens manufacturers around the world to choose Pharnorcia's RB246 (CAS # 121888-69-5) and RB247 (CAS # 109561-07-1) products. Please contact us and get the best quotation.

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