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Raw materials for Silicone Hydrogel Contact lenses and
Monomers for foldable intraocular lenses (IOL)

What are the advantages of the pharnorcia silicon hydrogel contact lenses?

TIME:2022-09-01 15:14:17

In recent years, experts in the medical and optical circles have found that short-cycle contact lenses haveincomparable advantages over traditional long-worn contact lenses, and people have gradually reached a consensus on contact lens wear, the shorter the ——, the healthier. In other words, the shorter the contact lens cycle, the healthier the eyes.

What are the advantages of the pharnorcia silicon hydrogel contact lenses?

 A US study compared a random sample of 379 respondents, half with short-cycle lenses and half with long-cycle lenses. Clinical results showed that with the longer wearing time, long-cycle lens and short-week lens throwing were compared: comfort decreased significantly, corneal staining increased, and lens precipitation increased significantly. Therefore, short-cycle contact lenses are considered a very healthy option because they minimise lens precipitation with minimal probability of causing complications for wearers of all ages.

 Because the lens is worn for a period of time will attach to a variety of sediment, especially the protein in the tears, it can not be completely removed by cleaning and care. Precipitates can not only affect the clarity and comfort of wearing, but also provide a breeding place for pathogenic microorganisms, increasing the incidence of infection and inflammation. So the shorter the lens cycle, the less sediment, the lower the chance of infection, and the more comfortable.

 The first and second generation silicon hydrogel contact lenses present less ideal features, such as increased lipid and protein deposition, and lens adhesion to the surface of the eyeball, causing widespread irritation to the glasses wearer. The pharnorcia soft hydrophilic contact mirror uses the third generation hydrophilic silicon hydrogel polymer composite, the third generation material has a strong ability to resist dirt and protein precipitation, does not need the surface treatment technology like the first generation; and has very excellent moisturizing properties, does not need to add moisturizing factor to the material like the second generation. The material has high oxygen permeability, excellent surface wet mirror, excellent water content, high soft lens softness, light and insensitive, adapted to different wearer of corneal base arc.

pharnorcia offers a new silicon hydrogel contact lens daily with high oxygen permeability and excellent water content ratio. Breathing pharnorcia soft hydrophilic silicon hydrogel contact lenses, resist plastic tight bondage, make the eyes breathe freely, make the lenses like a "cloud" floating on the eyes. The unique high ratio of oxygen transmittance and water content keeps the tears stable and the oxygen is continuously circulating, leaving the lens suspended on the cornea.

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