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Raw materials for Silicone Hydrogel Contact lenses and
Monomers for foldable intraocular lenses (IOL)

pharnorcia silicone hydrogel contact lenses, your party tool

TIME:2022-11-10 14:34:32

Near the end of the year, "Halloween", "Christmas" and "New Year's Eve" will appear in turn. As a party star, are you ready for work? I believe that having a high-quality colored contact lens will definitely become a weapon for you to make a circle at the party.


Pharnorcia has always believed that comfort and safety are equally important. Pharnorcia is supported by scientific strength, through long-term product development and polishing, combined with advanced automatic production capabilities, and adopts automatic assembly lines to ensure the safety in the production process, so that each lens has zero defects.

Contact lenses belong to the third category of medical devices, and the production threshold is relatively high. Pharnorcia's lenses are made by a sandwich process, adding contact lens liquid material into the mold, and manufacturing through production processes such as color printing, curing, and mold release. A mold only makes one lens, and the mold is thrown away after use, and will never be reused.

At the same time, pharnorcia contact lenses are made of a new generation of silicone hydrogel materials. The contact lenses of silicone hydrogel lenses have a unique structure that greatly increases the permeability of oxygen, allowing the cornea to breathe oxygen freely, which fundamentally avoids corneal hypoxia. Redness, inflammation and other problems can effectively improve corneal health. In addition to high oxygen permeability, pharnorcia's new-generation silicone hydrogel breaks through the contradiction between the water content and oxygen permeability of the hydrogel because it does not rely on water as an oxygen-permeable medium, and avoids dry eyes when wearing it. At the same time, it can meet the requirements of consumers for aesthetics and convenience.

What pharnorcia's expert self-research team has done and insisted on for decades is to develop and produce a product with high oxygen permeability and excellent water ratio. Breathable pharnorcia soft hydrophilic silicone hydrogel contact lenses, which refuse to be tightly bound by plastic, allow the eyes to breathe freely, and make the lenses float above the eyes like a "cloud". Put on pharnorcia silicone hydrogel contact lenses and let your eyes feel like breathing lenses.

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pharnorcia silicone hydrogel contact lenses, your party tool

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